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Diet.com Weight Loss Success Stories

Over the years, thousands of dieters have achieved weight loss success with Diet.com. Here are some of our most inspiring weight loss success stories! Read on to find out how each of these Diet.com members achieved their weight loss, check out their before and after photos, and gain inspiration from their incredible weight loss journeys!
Brittany Is Down 25 Pounds! Back to Top
"I love myself... So it's about time I show it and start taking care of my body." Those are the motivational words that Diet.com member Brittany included in her member profile when she created her Diet.com account in early January of 2013. Four months later, she'd dropped 25 pounds, picked up some new support buddies, won a Weight Loss Challenge, acquired tons of new fitness inspiration, and found the determination and focus that she needed to start reaching her goals.

"I realize this time that losing weight and being healthy is a long term thing and that's why I know I'm having so ...


How Kaylie Lost 25 lbs... And Kept It Off! Back to Top
Kaylie knew that if she wanted to lose weight and keep it off, she needed to make a permanent change. After 2+ years of blogging on Diet.com, she's not only lost 25 lbs, but she's kept it off, picked up a slew of healthy new eating habits and become a certified fitness instructor!

"I am happier and I have a lot more self-confidence when I am very active and eating clean."


DanceForever34 Drops 28 lbs! Back to Top
When Anna, aka Danceforever34, started college in September, she was looking to improve her health and meet her goal weight. Three months and 28 lbs later, she met her goal... and she's not stopping yet! Find out how she did it, and why her family is saying, "Wow!"

"Even when I messed up, I didn't give up!"


See How Stephanie Has Lost 90 lbs! Back to Top
Stephanie had been a Diet.com member for several years, and began blogging with us in October 2008. With a starting weight of 280lbs, Stephanie had a goal of losing 100 lbs. Now down 90lbs (so far!), she's well on her way to a new life - emotionally and physically!

"I'm going to keep up with my lifestyle change. I really like being healthy and I love the change I see in myself."


See How Tom Lost 37 lbs… And Ruined His Belt! Back to Top
Tired of trying every different method of weight loss and seeing limited success, it was the accountability of the Diet.com blogs and community that finally led Tom to say, "I won't fail!"... and drop 37 lbs!

"I had a responsibility to keep pushing and lose the weight, not just for myself, but for those on Diet.com who were supporting me."


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